The Seagull S6 Original Review – The Guitar that’s worth more than what you pay for

Hi there folks! Today we are going to take a look at another guitar again that is hailed as one of the best in its price point. There’s so many positive reviews out there about this guitar and I can’t find any negative comments out there that stood out (Most of it are just minor problems that are encountered by few people).

This guitar is the Seagull S6 Original that is made by Godin Company in Canada. I believe that if you are looking on the Internet about the best acoustic guitar, then I’m sure that you have encountered this name. I’m gonna review the Seagull S6 and give you some of my opinions about this beast.


My Rating: 4.3 out of 5
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  • Handcrafted in Canada
  • Neck has a slim version and wide version: 1.72 inches and 1.8 inches respectively
  • Bright sounding but not too much
  • Good value for the money
  • Action is perfect out of factory


  • Most model have no pickup/preamp included
  • Finish can be damaged easily

Why Seagull S6 Original is the best-seller of Godin?

If we take a look at every features of Seagull S6 Original, I’m sure that you’ll be convinced that this is a fantastic guitar that’s worth less than 500 bucks but sounds twice, if not thrice, than 500 bucks. Being a handcrafted guitar, every little details are properly designed by the guitar makers of North America and it is phenomenal.

This guitar has a Dreadnought body and features the solid cedar top and wild cherry on back and sides while Maple is used on the neck. Wild Cherry and Maple produces bright tones so you may expect that this guitar has bright sound but because of the top wood which is cedar, it tempers the bright sound and made it a liitle warm and not too bright.

This is the Seagull S6 Original with guitar stand and hard Case

Seagull S6 Original Acoustic Guitar

Price is really affordable because the tone wood used is highly available in Canada that’s why even it is a high grade quality woods, the price was not too high and that really benefits the users.

Wide neck is perfect for fingerstyle

While the Dreadnought is said to be a strummer’s best friend, this guitar is also perfect for fingerstyle players. I can say that whatever acoustic guitar music you do, Seagull S6 Original can be a good partner. Due to its wide neck that is 1.8 inches nut width, it has a lot of space between strings. Not only it is beneficial for fingerstyle players, those with big hands will also benefit from it as well.

If you are overwhelmed by the wide neck, there is a slim version of this guitar, the Seagull S6 Slim. Its nut width is only 1.72 inches versus the Seagull S6 Original’s 1.8 inches nut width. I mentioned in a lot of my reviews that the slim neck is easy to play with but ironically, this guitar, even if it has a wide neck, many guitar players love its neck and are looking for other guitars who has the same neck width.

The neck has a good feel and when combined to its low action right out of the box, changing chords and running your fingers across the fretboard is very easy to do. I suggest that you try both version but just a heads up, many people loves the Original version more than the Slim version.

Seagull’s “Compound Curve”

The “Compound Curve” technique is used in Seagull S6 and adds strength and structural integrity to the acoustic guitar. If you will look closely at the top body, from sound hole up to the neck, there is a slight arching on it. It is designed to provide stability and resist the downward pressure produced by the fingerboard.

This is the Seagull S6 Original Bundle in Black Finish with guitar strap, strings, guitar picks, tuner and hard case

Seagull S6 Original – Black

If you are worried that the sound may be affected, the bottom part of the top wood, which is around the bridge, is flat because it is the most active part when producing a sound. The compound curve added stability without affecting the overall sound quality. Beautiful Sounding Guitar + Sturdy Guitar is a win-win for guitar users.

Sound is perfect for any playstyle

You wouldn’t expect this kind of sound in less than $500 guitar. It sounds pleasing to the ears and sits perfect in the mix. Slightly bright tone with a bit of warmth is thanks to the combination of wild cherry and cedar and its low end tones are not too much and just enough for an acoustic guitar.

Whether you are strumming hard or fingerpicking, this acoustic guitar will sound magnificent and perfect for any playstyle. But if you want to know where this guitar shines, then just like any other Dreadnought, it sounds good when played with power.

Stays in-tune at a very loooong time

This is the Seagull S6 Slim Version with Hard Case

Seagull S6 Original – Slim

The headstock of the Seagull S6 has a different shape compared to other guitars. While it may not be to your liking aesthetically, it is designed like that to maintain the tune at a very long time. Strings after nut should remain at a straight line to stay in-tune and that is the reason why the headstock is small.

The Tusq nut and saddle also help in staying in-tune. While it is not like the high quality nut and saddle which is made of bone, it is close enough and this is much better than plastic so you have two less things to upgrade in this guitar.

Finish should be handled carefully

You might be thinking that this guitar is the perfect guitar for you and I agree with you in that. But you should take note that the finish should be handled carefully as it can be easily damaged. It might have a very little implication on the sound but I know you agree with me that we don’t want a guitar with unwanted scratches.

Pickup/Preamp is not always available

This is the Seagull S6 Original with built-in pick-up in Natural Finish

Seagull S6 Original with built-in pick-up. Click the image to check the price

You should check what you buy if there’s an included preamp on-board, especially if you are going to play on-stage. Most models have no preamp included. You can order Seagull S6 with Godin Quantum Electronic System but raises the price by around $100 so always take that in to account.

As for its performance, in my opinion, the preamp is decent and does its job well. Nothing really special. It features volume control, as well as bass and treble controls with Tuner that is auto shut-off.

Should you buy it?

If you are looking for a slight upgrade from your first guitar, then this is highly recommended. Many people loved it and one good thing about this guitar is there is no notable issue that is highly reported across the world. It is not the perfect guitar but for the value, you can have more than what you pay for.

This will be a good choice for you, however if you are still undecided, you can check my list of my best acoustic guitar under $500 that is comparable to Seagull S6. You can check it out here.

Final Thoughts

Seagull S6 is definitely a fantastic guitar that is worth your money. It is designed well using a lot of cool engineering stuff in from its body up to the headstock. Everything is thought of well to achieve highest potential. Price is really the best factor because it is very affordable and you can get a guitar that sounds a lot more than its price.

If you have any questions, please leave it at the comment box and I will gladly answer all of it.

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The Seagull S6 Original Review - The Guitar that's worth more than what you pay for

Seagull S6 Original is hailed as one of the best acoustic guitar at this price point. Due to its popularity, many users tried it and most of them are satisfied

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    Your showcased guitar sounds like an awesome quality for the price. My teenage son is very much into music. He’s been taking lessons and to my surprise he has progressed far quicker than anyone ever dreamed – the boy is a natural! For this reason I’d like to buy him a high quality guitar, without breaking the bank – you know just in case this ends up being one of those teen phases lol. Thanks!

  2. RoDarrick

    Well written review about the seagull s6 guitar. Considering the review here, seagull s6 seems to be a great catch for the lesser amount it’s going for. I like the features outlined for it especially that it stays in tune for longer period. That would save me from having to tune it every time. Thanks, 

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