The Taylor 114E Review- Tasting your Dream Guitar at an Affordable Price

Taylor and Martin are the top guitar manufacturer for me. Every guitarist knows these two brands and they have already established that the guitars they do are high quality. That’s why having a guitar made by these two companies is really a dream for most of us.

Since they produced high quality guitars, it comes with a price. And some of us doesn’t have the money to buy those, so we have no choice but to stare at these guitars in our local music store.

But luckily, these two companies didn’t forget the people who have tight budget (like me) and made guitars that are a little bit affordable compared to what they usually do.

Today, let’s take a look at one of the most affordable guitar of Taylor, the Taylor 114E.


My Rating: 4.6 out of 5

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– Low end tones are rich
– Very comfortable neck
– Built is Superb Quality compared to other entry level guitar
– Stock Strings are Elixir
– Comes with a Padded Gig Bag


– Price

Sound Quality of Taylor 114E is Top Tier!

This guitar is really on another level compared to other entry-level guitars. Its low end tones are rich which is not common. Whether you are strumming or fingerpicking, you will hear that this guitar is really top notch.

This the body of Taylor 114E Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Taylor 114E Layered Walnut Back and Sides

It is also very responsive and every changes in playstyle will be expressed in a top tier level. Rock, Pop, Country, Blues, or any other genre, I’m sure that this guitar will satisfy you. When it comes to AMPLIFIED sound, there are people who are satisfied as they say that the pick up sounds natural and good, but there are also people who are not satisfied with it because they say it sounds hollow and cheap. Well, it really is dependent on your ears. But everyone will agree that the unplugged sound is FANTASTIC!

Many people experimented and tried every string gauge. They also tested it in different places. There conclusion, there is no string gauge or place that this guitar never sounded good. They have the same reaction, “you will always love it wherever you are”.

The Built is High Quality

Taylor knows how to build a guitar. They know what works best that’s why they are one of the top manufacturers. The woods they choose is superb quality. Taylor 114E has Solid Spruce Top and Layered Walnut back and sides which is a good combination. It will sound better as it age.

The neck of Taylor 114E is really comfortable. There are no sharp spots and if you examine it, the detail is really good and you can say that it is done excellently. You can’t find anything better than this except at Taylor.

Some people aren’t happy with the action (The distance between the strings and the fretboard) because it is high, especially in the higher frets. But this is adjustable if you are not happy about it. There are lot of people saying that this guitar will SING when it is set to medium to high action.

This is the Taylor 114CE Acoustic-Electric Guitar showing the top and bottom of the guitar

With cutaway version: Taylor 114CE

Guitar players who are just starting out will not benefit from high action guitars because it will be harder for them to play.

But this guitar should not be your first guitar, find other lower priced guitar and study how to properly take care of a guitar before upgrading to this guitar or any other pricier guitar so that you will not waste expensive guitars due to improper handling.

Unplugged or Plugged, This guitar is something

Whether you are playing on stage or doing gigs, or you are a recording artist, Taylor 114E will be a good choice for you.

Taylor Grand Auditorium Hardcase that is red inside while brown on the outside

Taylor Grand Auditorium Hardcase

Although in recording, this will not be your dream guitar as you need to have at least 3 to 4 times of price to get those rich tones and character you hear on professionals. Especially if your song relies heavily on acoustic, you may find it a bit lacking in character.

However, if you are just using acoustic as a support instrument, then this guitar will really fit in your mix.

On stage, hands-off to this guitar. Personally, I like the sound that comes out of the pick-up. You can freely express your music without worrying to the sound quality. It will be up to your skills.

In spite of all of this….it comes with a price

I tell you honestly, it is a little bit expensive compared to other entry-level guitars but every penny you spend on this guitar is not wasted. You can’t compare this to beginner’s guitar at 300$ price range. Those guitars are decent but this guitar is on another level.

If you really want to get serious in guitar and wants to upgrade, then this guitar is for you. You will not regret having this guitar so I suggest that you take time and save for this.

Should you buy it?

Well, yes if you have the budget. I always have the principle that don’t buy the high end first. Buy first the lower priced but good quality in order to learn how to take care for it. Taylor 114E is a fantastic guitar but will be wasted if not properly taken care of.

So if you already have an acoustic guitar and wants to upgrade, then I highly recommend this. Taylor guitars are sure to made in high quality and set up properly. It might be pricier compared to some guitar and you might think that this is overpriced, but no. It is worth every penny you’ll spend.


Taylor 114E is an excellent guitar. It is affordable compared to other Taylor guitars but a little bit pricier when you compare it to other entry-level guitars. But you can never compare its sound and built quality to the other entry-level guitars.  They will never be on par with this! If you want to get serious, this guitar will help you achieve greater heights in playing.

What do you think about this guitar? Please do leave a comment. I would really love to talk to you about this things.

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The Taylor 114E Review- Tasting your Dream Guitar at an Affordable Price

Taylor and Martin are the top guitar manufacturer for me. Every guitarist knows these two brands and they have already established that the guitars they do

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10 comments on “The Taylor 114E Review- Tasting your Dream Guitar at an Affordable Price

  1. Ola

    This is one of the most comprehensive review i have ever read on this product which serves as an eye opener for me, This is a wonderful and carefully reviewed product. I actually read over and over in order to be convinced. Its only possible to have good result when all factors are put into consideration. I have always wanted to be a guitarist and I am pretty sure i will be a professional somehow someday. 

  2. Peace

    I love guitars. I guess it is majorly because I love country music. I like it when it’s just you and the guitar and a beautiful vocal melody, accompanied by a well played guitar. 

    I have dreamt of owning my own guitar, for the longest time. I guess I’ve stalked enough, now that I have found my perfect fit, I am making a grab for it. The Taylor 114E is my next shopping target. 

  3. Olalekan Taliat

    Good post . I love guitar and they seem to calm my nerve. I have played the bass guitar and I think its soothing . A good guitar like the Taylor 114E can produce a more promising and synchronized sound. The price is not too bad either.

    Thanks is for this review ,I hope to visit this site again for more reviews on guitars.

  4. Dave Sweney

    This is a great review of a quality guitar that I have dreamed of owning. The Taylor 114E has so many features I covet that after reading through the post, I have bookmarked it so I can come back and look at it a few more times while I save up the money to buy it!

    The price is a bit steep, but due to the workmanship and the tone, I have no doubt that it is a worthwhile investment. Personally, it is more about tone and how it will stand up over time over the price it is going to cost me. As with my sound equipment, I will often delay gratification to get what will make me happy.

    I am checking out the payment plan you have linked to but may have to wait until I arrive back in the USA at the end of April. Do you know how long this sale is going to last? If it is going away, perhaps I can work out to have it shipped once I am back there. Thanks for a compelling and thorough review!

    1. Vincent Post author

      Well, I’m pretty sure that this guitar will be a good investment for you. I am also one of the guys who will wait and save up for something that I want instead of compromising.

      As for the sale, I cannot give you an answer as they change the price without telling me. But I believe that as long as there is a stock, it will be always on sale.

  5. Chris

    I’ve been looking for a slight upgrade on the acoustic I’ve been learning on over the last five years or so, but I’m a bit stuck with the price versus quality factor at the moment! 

    As far as the Taylor 114E is concerned, would you say it’s action is professional enough considering it’s lower price? I have found in the past that certain ‘recommended’ guitars come with terrible action, yet a good price…

    1. Vincent Post author

      Since you are well experienced, I suggest that you take a step up and invest in this kind of guitar. It may be up to our skills to be able to produce good sounds but a good gear is always better than the bad gear.


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