The Fender CD-60SCE Review – An All-around guitar that won’t break your bank

I played a lot of Acoustic Guitar before and one time my friend bought the Fender CD-60SCE (Black color) as his new acoustic guitar to be used in our church. I borrowed it and sat down. I made myself comfortable and did a G-chord and as the sound reverberates in the room, I found myself at a loss of words. Well I mean, it’s too good. It’s so warm and the sound is so nice.

Okay! Enough of my story. I would like to share my thoughts about this redesigned Classic Series of Fender. Is it worth your money? Let’s take a review of the Fender CD-60SCE


My Rating: 4.1 out of 5
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– Good Sound at this price
– Solid Top
– With Electronics
– Easy to play and good action

– Strap included is not good
– Sounds bad when strings are old

My Experience using Fender CD-60SCE

One thing I like about this guitar is that it a SOLID TOP at this price point. Of course, there are other guitars that is much cheaper than the Fender CD-60SCE but they are LAMINATED. I won’t be too technical here but Solid Top sounds better than Laminated because it is more resonant than the latter.

As an experienced guitarist, I would prefer the Solid Top even it is more pricey but based on what I know, you can’t easily find a Solid Top guitar at this price point. It’s price is really awesome.

As for the tone, well because it is Solid Top, it sounds good. It has warm and rich tone and because it is a DREADNOUGHT guitar, IT SOUNDS BIG. If you are a strummer type guitarist, this one will work for you. It also has good action and easy to play neck. Changing chords and playing solos is not really hard.

I’ve also used this guitar in one of our recordings and it sounded nice.

Fender CD-60SCE Acoustic-Electric Guitar in Black Finish

Fender CD-60SCE – Black

One thing I do not like about this is when the strings get old, it sounds cheap. I know that it’s the strings fault and I should change it (IT WAS NOT MINE SO I CAN’T. LOL!) when it gets old but compared to other acoustic guitar I own, for me it is unplayable and I get frustrated when I can’t get the sound I like.
Well that is just one problem that I have with it. Just buy some strings and it will sound good again.

Fender CD-60SCE Variations

This guitar has two variation. The black and natural finish are Solid Spruce and the All Mahogany. My friend has the black one but if I’m the one who’s buying, I’m choosing the all Mahogany Version of Fender CD-60SCE.

Mahogany has deeper and warmer tone while the Solid Spruce is brighter but will sound warmer as it age. There’s no better guitar between the two, it just depends on what you want.

What others thought…well, mostly positive reviews.

Most reviews I encountered before has positive experience with this guitar. One thing I read is that they ordered one and the pickup is not working so they returned it and ordered one again and it has the same problem. But the one that my friend got is working so I think it is just by chance.

Buy at your own risk. Good thing is that most of the stores has return policy now.

Forums also compare this guitar to Epiphone AJ-220SCE and Yamaha FG830. Most of them favors Yamaha and then Epiphone but they are much pricier than the Fender.

Yamaha FG830 has no electronics so if you like to play on a stage, it will be a hassle. Epiphone AJ-220SCE is the priciest of the three so if you’re tight in budget, you know what I mean.

But hey, they are also both good guitars and you can’t go wrong with both of it as long as the situation works for you.

You can also check the full review of these guitars here in the website if you are interested. If you are really tight in budget and this guitar is too much for you as of now, then I also have a list of cheap guitars that doesn’t sound bad.

Sounds BIG for a small penny

I am not an expert guitarist but I can say that I am not a beginner and this guitar works with me very well. The sound is decent and it can be compared to more expensive guitars.

We used it at big stages and also to studios. It is an all round guitar. You can use it for a variety of genres although I mostly play contemporary music and pop. So if this is your genre, it is a go-to guitar.

Playability is a plus for me

Playability is good also. Very easy to play with and chord changes has never been this easy. Running across the fretboard is also achievable because of its low action. Still, I would suggest that you have minor adjustment with it to experience its highest potential.

Electronics is decent!

This is a bundle of Fender CD-60SCE in Black finish with Hardcase, tuner, strings, straps, cable, picks and strings

Fender CD-60SCE Bundle

Fender CD-60SCE uses the Fishman Pickup which has on-board tuner, volume, and control knobs for bass and treble. In my own opinion, the amplified sound is not bad, especially at its low price.
At first trial, I thought it was bad but after a few tweak in its controls, everything sits perfectly now. The amplified sound is now natural sounding and can be used on-stage. I use this on our worship service and most of our songs are acoustic driven. I never encountered any problem with it when playing on-stage.

Should you buy it?

Yes. I recommend this guitar especially for beginners. If you are going to buy a gift for your kid or just want something to play with, then you’ll not regret this guitar. I may sound biased, but after using this guitar for a long time (I was borrowing my friend’s guitar) I can say that it will survive for a long time.

HOWEVER, if you are using this for recording, then you might not achieve the tone you want. You might need to spend few grand to have that sweet tone in recording like what you hear on your favorite songs. You should look for high-end guitars like Taylor and Martin. If you are looking for a guitar that is good for recording, then I recommend the Taylor 314CE guitar. You can check the full review here.

Note: Don’t buy guitars below 100$ if you are just starting out as it can destroy your confidence. You can’t make good sounds out of it and will be just a waste of money. Try investing on guitars that will sound good and can survive for long years.


To conclude my review of Fender CD-60SCE, it is an all around guitar. From big stages to recording studio, you can’t go wrong with it. Of course, there’s a lot of other guitars out there but at this price point, I can’t believe at the sound it produces. It’s amazing.

Surely, a beginner’s guitar but those who are intermediate can also use it. I highly recommend that you try this guitar.

What do you think of it? Please leave a comment below and I would like to know if what you think of this guitar or if you tried it, what’s your experience?

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The Fender CD-60SCE Review - An All-around guitar that won't break your bank

I played a lot of Acoustic Guitar before and one time my friend bought the Fender CD-60SCE (Black color) as his new acoustic guitar to be used in our churc

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7 comments on “The Fender CD-60SCE Review – An All-around guitar that won’t break your bank

  1. Etah

    Thanks for this review of Fender CD-60SCE.

    I will like to buy a new guitar, a guitar I could use for a lifetime, so this is a very important decision to make and I need all the help I can get and articles like this are very helpful to me.

    Your review was very detailed and straight to the point.

    Solid top guitar got it, buying the Fender CD-60SCE looks like a good investment

    1. Vincent Post author

      You will not regret this. As long as you properly care for this, it will sound better as it age because of the solid top.

  2. Mustapha Ibrahim

    Fender has always been making great guitars in every price range. 

    Fender CD-60SCE is no exception. This acoustic electric guitar offers a solid foundation to anyone looking for a good beginner guitar.

    It is no secret that this particular model is among the most popular and best performing beginner acoustic guitars on the market.

  3. afolabi anumicheal

    Thanks for writing this review on fender CD 60sec.i must commend you for a job well done for taking your time to write this review,one of the things I like about this review is that you have make use of this guitar before and it really good. Before now I have been taking my brother guitar for guitar training lessons and I think is time I need to buy my own.with your experience on fender CD 60sec and how good it is.i think I will be going for fender CD 60sec and it not expensive like some other guitar I have seen. 

  4. Sammynathaniels


    A million thanks for this in depth review in fender CD-60SCE guitar. hink I’ll still go with this even with the cons stated in this article. Talking about the strings,they can still be changed when it gets old so that the excellent sound can still be produced. For the strap, that one too can be improvised. I see Fender CD-60SCE is as an all around guitar that can be recommended to anyone. 




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