The Martin LX1E Little Martin Review – Despite of its small body, its sound is great onstage

Martin is one of the most remarkable guitar makers throughout history. They have made acoustic guitars that were used by various artists because of the spectacular sounds produced by their guitars. Due to their experience in the industry, they have mastered how to make quality guitars and are still innovating to level up the musical experience their guitar can deliver.

Martin guitars are priced high and that is not shocking for us because of the quality they offer. But there are Martin guitars that can be considered “affordable”. One of those is the Martin LX1E Little Martin which is the smallest Martin guitar out there.

This guitar is considered as a travel guitar and quite useful for those who travel a lot or go from town to town when gigging. But you might have questions in your mind whether this guitar will be good for performance. Let’s answer your questions as you read my full review of Martin LX1E Little Martin.


My Rating: 4.2 out of 5
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  • Electronics is superb in on-stage performances
  • Perfect Travel Guitar which can be put in Airplane Compartment
  • High quality tone woods are chosen
  • High pressure Laminated Mahogany for added resistance to humidity
  • Quality materials was used in Bridge, Saddle and Nuts
  • Playability is good
  • Action is low
  • Luxury gig bag that is perfect for travelling


  • Not a budget guitar
  • Depending on the user, sound might be too bright for you when unplugged due to its small body

Body Materials

Just like any travel guitars, Martin LX1E has a small body. Its body shape is like a concert-style guitar with no cut-away and features a Solid Sitka Spruce top and high-pressured Laminated Mahogany back and sides. High-pressured tone woods add resistance to humidity which is perfect for travelling because it can really affect your guitar tone if you go out of town often.

The Martin LX1E Little Martin is small but “big” in performance

Because of its small body, you can assume that the sound will be brighter than most full-sized guitars but amazingly, it’s not too bright. One thing you might be disappointed is the lack of bass tones which is normal in any travel guitars. You will never get any deep bass response if the body is too small but still, this guitar still sounds awesome when unplugged.

This is the Martin LX1E in Natural Finish with Gig Bag included

Martin LX1E Little Martin Acoustic guitar

The best feature of this guitar is when plugged in. I can’t explain why in such a tiny body, you can get a full sound when you connect it on an amp or PA system. Many people agree with my opinion and they also receive comments like this because many people wonder how does it produce full sounds when plugged in.

Besides of the convenience of being a travel guitar, the on-stage performance is perfect. I can’t commend enough its electronics (Fishman Sonitone) as it is able to achieve full sounds despite the small body it has.

Playability and Action

Playability is perfect for small players or kids but also usable for those with big hands. Of course, you’ll need time to get used to small spaces in the neck. Action is perfect right out of the box. You just need some slight tuning and this guitar is all set-up. You can start playing with it right away and savor the beauty of this guitar.

Perfect Playability and Right Action combined make this guitar easy to play with. Changing chords or doing some cool riffs across the fretboard is easy and requires less effort and you’re still able to produce the sound you need.

You might be turned off by the size of its body but travel guitars is getting more and more popular across the world. People are changing from full size guitar to travel guitars for convenience but not actually compromising the sound.

This is the Left Handed Model of Martin LX1E Little Martin in Natural Finish

Martin LX1E – Left Handed Model

Aesthetics and Materials

Synthetic materials are used in this guitar. Nut, Saddles, Bridge are all synthetic but imitates the properties of high quality bone that is used in high end guitars. However, the Bridge Pins are made of plastic so it is one thing that you might consider upgrading to achieve better tone and intonation

You need to take note that there is no inlay dots on the fret board for less decoration. These are the indicators you see on the fret boards at certain frets but there are dots above the neck if you are wondering. This is something you might consider because those inlay dots serve as guides. Aesthetically, Martin LX1E has a classic design without too much decorations. If you are like me who likes simpler designs, then you’ll gonna love the looks of this guitar.

Ed Sheeran’s Most Popular Guitar and has a Signature model of Him

If you are a fan of Ed Sheeran, then you already knew that he used this guitar from his tours and albums. I don’t know the full details and I might be wrong (not a fan) but because he used this guitar, it became more popular to many people and wanted to achieve the sound of his music.

There’s a lot of signature model of Ed Sheeran that Martin made throughout the years. Soundwise, there’s no difference from the standard LX1E but you might want to have the aesthetics it offers. It is often out-of-stock so if you are looking for it, then you might fail in acquiring one.

This is the Ed Sheeran's Signature Model "Divide" of Little Martin in Natural Finish with Gig Bag

Little Martin “Divide”: Ed Sheeran’s Signature Model

If you are interested in those signature model, there are some available in Amazon – Used and New Models. Click here.

Should you buy it?

It depends on your lifestyle. I do recommend it for those who travel a lot or do gigs from town to town. It is very easy to bring compared to full size guitars. However, if you are using it for practice and not travelling often, then I suggest that you use full size guitars to enjoy the full sound when unplugged.

This is also a good choice for those who have small bodies and for kids who want to learn guitar. Highly recommended also if you are playing on-stage because its performance is highly remarkable.

Final Thoughts

Martin has a lot of phenomenal guitar and the Little Martin is one of them. Even it has a small body, you shouldn’t underestimate its performance.

Price is just right and still on the affordable side compared to high-end guitars of Martin. You can get a lot of value and I’m sure that every penny spent on this guitar is a well-spent money. You will never regret it and for sure, you’ll gonna love this guitar just like any other users.

If you have some questions, feel free to leave it in the comment box and I’ll gladly answer it.

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The Martin LX1E Little Martin Review - Despite of its small body, its sound is great onstage

Martin LX1E Little Martin is a travel guitar that is getting more popular. Even at its size, it's performance is great and you won't believe it's a small guitar

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5 comments on “The Martin LX1E Little Martin Review – Despite of its small body, its sound is great onstage

  1. Ciara

    My brother just took up teaching himself how to play guitar and I will be sharing this post with him so he is familiar with the Martin brand, if he isn’t already.

    I love the look of these guitars– so classic and simple. I don’t think the price is bad either considering the quality of them!                                                                                                                                

    Is this your favorite brand? Would you recommend it to someone just starting?

    Thanks so much for sharing,


    1. Vincent Post author

      While this is a great guitar, I won’t recommend it for those who have no experience yet. But I do have an article that are great for starters. You can check it here

  2. Todd Matthews

    For me, it’s all about the durability and value, even if the price is steep. If this is a guitar that can withhold the test of time, it’s something I’ll always wish to invest in. Not just that, I say the smaller the body, the easier one can handle it, and along with a great sound, it makes for an epic combo. It’s no surprise as to why the Little Martin is such a highly rated product. 

  3. Dave Sweney

    This Martin LX1E is one sweet guitar and perfect for traveling. I like the full sounds (I watched the video) and it really is worth the price for what you get I think. If there was one guitar only I could take with me on my travels, this would be my choice.

    The materials are good enough and up to the standard to carry the Martin name, and I like the idea that it sounds great on-stage too (I have heard this from others as well, but you confirm this, and the video also tells me that this is one mighty piece of work!).

    The Ed Scheeren 3 divide model is also one to consider, but as you say, they are hard to find (I took the liberty of doing some checking). This is not a show-stopper for me, I can get by with the basic Martin LX1E version. It would provide for some conversation though.

    Great review of a great guitar, thanks for doing such a thorough job and the video was the finishing touch for me and likely will be for whoever checks your review out. This is a quality smaller guitar that can be used for travel, gigs, or just hanging around the fire in cool fall evenings!


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