Seagull Artist Mosaic Review – Good Price, Nice Sound

Seagull, which is under the Godin Company, had always done great guitars that are very affordable. One of their best selling guitar is the Seagull S6 which is a great deal for guitar users. Another guitar they made, in which we will take a look today, is the Seagull Artist Mosaic.

This guitar is not really affordable when you look at the price. However, when you look at the quality you can get, it is already a great deal. You can get these great qualities on other guitar makers at least 2x of its price. So if you are looking for a decent upgrade, then consider trying the Seagull Artist Mosaic.

Features of Seagull Artist Mosaic:

My Rating: 4.5 out of 5
Place to Buy: Amazon


  • Sweet and Warm tone thanks to the Cedar Top and Mahogany Back and Sides
  • Pure Solid Wood Guitar
  • 1.8″ nut width which is perfect for large hands
  • A premium guitar that can compete to guitars 3x its price
  • Hard Case included


  • Many people doesn’t love the Headstock
  • Some reports say that it has high action right out of factory

Solid Wood Guitar at this Price point

Seagull Artist Mosaic is an all solid wood guitar which is not a common feature at this price range for the top guitar makers. Although, there are also a lot of guitar makers that are making solid wood guitar at this price range. What separates this guitar from other guitar makers is that it is handcrafted by select luthiers and they chose quality tone woods for this guitar. 

This is the reason why its built is superb and done pretty well. It features a solid Cedar Top and Solid Mahogany on its back and sides and also its neck. The body size is a modified Dreadnought and you can see that it is shrunken a little bit compared to a Dreadnought guitar. Less bass projection and boomy sound can be expected which can be a good thing since there are times that the low end tones is too overwhelming and noisy. 

Cedar vs Spruce

This is just for those who are curious. You can skip this and continue on the next point. Spruce is probably the most popular tonewood for the top. Spruce is great for an all-around guitar from aggressive playing, flat picking and fingerpicking. It has a dynamic range and responds pretty well with any playstyle that’s why it is great for all-around guitar type. 

On the other hand, Cedar is also popular and is also commonly used as top wood. Cedar is not that dynamic and it makes the quieter notes louder. This means that at a lighter touch, you can sound loud compared to Spruce. Fingerstyle players will benefit from this but flatpickers and aggressive strummers will not and they might get frustrated because they can’t achieve the tone they want. 

In summary, Spruce is great for an all-around guitar player while the Cedar is best for the Fingerstyle players. 


Solid Cedar Top produces sweet and warm tone and the Solid Mahogany on its back and sides further enhances its warm tones. So you can expect that the sound is really warm, less midrange but the high tones has crispness. High and lows are present but it lacks some punch in the mids. 

Combine this with the Fingerstyle playing and you can generate sweet tones that are not too bright. Strumming this is not also bad, however, using too much force will not help at all so always limit the strength of your strumming to achieve the best tones this guitar can offer. 

Some things worth knowing

Seagull Artist Mosaic has a Nut width of 1.8 inches which is the same as the Seagull S6 so if you are upgrading from it, your hand will be used to it easily. This is also wide enough for fingerstyle since there will a lot of spacing in each string and you won’t touch other strings unnecessarily. 

Saddle and Nut are both synthetic material, TUSQ nut and Saddle specifically, which is not a bad material. It is said that TUSQ is similar to the bone but it will lose its quality faster than the bone. The fingerboard and bridge are rosewood which is a great choice because of the quality. Tuners are also great and holds the tune for a very long time. 

Electronics is decent

LR Baggs Element is the preamp used in this guitar and it is decent. It doesn’t sound bad, but not great either. What I like in this is that there is no bulky on-board controls at the top. The volume and tone control is located inside the soundhole. Two rotary knobs which is easily accessible by your fingers. 

Unfortunately, there is no built-in tuner so you might want to have a portable tuner in your kit always. 

Headstock is debatable

The guitar community is divided when it comes to the Headstock of Seagull guitars. There are people who don’t like it but some prefer it also. Aesthetically, it depends on the user but there is a big reason why it was designed like that. 

For the guitar to remain in tune always, the strings should be straight as possibly as it can. If you will take a look at the headstock of the Seagull Artist Mosaic, you can see that it is almost straight (except for the Low E) which is the reason why it can hold the tune fairly long. Don’t let aesthetics get ahead of you. As long as it is doing a great thing on your guitar, then it is a great design. 

Action is high out of factory

Many people said that what they got has a high action and it can require a lot of effort in your fingers to get the tone you want. So it is advisable that you lower its action if you know how to, or bring it to a professional to lower down its action according to what you prefer. 

They cut corners on the Design

I can say that Seagull Artist Mosaic is not an eye-catching guitar. It has a very simple design with a semi-gloss finish. There are some designs on the side and on the rosette but you can’t expect a lot in terms of aesthetics in this guitar. It is not really a bad thing but you might not like it especially if you want a cool-looking guitar. 

Other Variations

  • Seagull Artist Mosaic is the pure acoustic guitar of this model. 
  • Seagull Artist QII is the Acoustic-Electric guitar of this model
  • Seagull Artist CW Folk QII is the cutaway version with electronics and in a grand Auditorium shape

Should you buy it? 

Well, this guitar has a lot of positive reviews in any online guitar stores I look for. There are no notable issues that I can say in this guitar and the negative things are not really unsolvable. So I really recommend it, especially if you are a fingerstyle players since the qualities benefit them more. 

Include this guitar in your list and if you want some more choices, you can also look at my list here of Acoustic guitars which is on par with the Seagull Artist Mosaic. 

Final Thoughts

Seagull Artist Mosaic is great choice if you are upgrading from your first guitar or if you want a Solid wood guitar. Seagull is well known in making great quality guitars at an affordable price. Well, this is ‘affordable’ compared to other guitars that has the same qualities. So try it out and see if you prefer this guitar. 

If you have any questions, feel free to leave one on the comment box. 

Seagull Artist Mosaic Review - Good Price, Nice Sound

Seagull Artist Mosaic is a Premium guitar that is on the affordable side. If you are looking for a cheap upgrade, then this guitar is a good choice.

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