The Taylor 314ce Review – This guitar is superb!

Being one of the top manufacturer of guitar, Taylor has been consistent in making high quality guitars. One of the great guitars they made is the Taylor 314ce. Today, we’ll take a look at this guitar to see if it lives up the hype of Taylor.


My Rating: 4.9 out of 5
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– V-class Bracing
– All around guitar
– Premium Grade Body Parts and Solid woods
– Comes with Hard Case


– Not for beginners because of price

Let’s take a look at the Built of Taylor 314ce

The Taylor 314ce has a Solid Sitka Spruce Top and Solid Sapele back and sides which is definitely one of the reason why it has a well balanced tone. It also uses the V-class Bracing instead of X-shape which is clearly the better. As it age, it will have louder volume, longer sustains and better intonation.

Grand Auditorium is the body shape where the Taylor CLEARLY SHINES and they even discontinued the Dreadnought to focus on this shape. The Taylor 314ce has Grand Auditorium body shape and known for its WELL BALANCED TONE.

Bonus Fact! The 3rd digit indicates the body shape of the Taylor Guitar. In this case, 4 means Grand Auditorium. If you want a different series, just change the 1st digit where in the Higher value means the better guitar but also means higher price (Taylor 814 > Taylor 114)

This is the Body of Taylor 314ce in Natural Finish

Taylor 314ce Grand Auditorium Acoustic Guitar

ONE THING I also love is the neck profile of this guitar. It is so slim that changing chords is really easy. You will surely find it great too and easy to play with. However, some users say that having a big hands make it hard to play this. But it will be up to your preference, so make sure that you are comfortable in playing so that it will not hinder in your creativeness.

I am not gonna describe the other parts because at this price point, it’s a sure thing that it sports Premium Grade parts like Nut, Saddle, Pins, Tuners, Bridge, etc. You will never find any plastic in this guitar so rest assured.

How about the Sound?

You will clearly hear the sound difference of having a pure solid wood guitar than those with laminated woods. If I will give it a description, it has professional, high grade, premium sound that you will only hear from the professional recordings. I am not kidding, this guitar sounds AMAZING and having a pure solid wood guitar is a real deal.

The sound also resonates well. Having a Grand Auditorium body shape, it sure is an all around guitar. Deep Bass response, punchy mids and clear highs but everything is NOT TOO MUCH. It is perfectly balance, I would say. But your ears will be the judge. Whenever I hear the sound of this guitar, whether I am the one playing or not, it really takes me away.

This is the Taylor 314CE Left-handed version in Natural Finish

Taylor 314CE Left-handed model

Whether you are an AGGRESSIVE Strummer or Flat Picker, name it, whatever kind of player you are, you will surely love this because it perfectly expresses various playstyles.

A professional audio grade pick-up

The Pick-up/Preamp is remarkably one of the best I have ever heard. It amplifies natural sound which is really good on-stage when playing with an amp or PA system. The design is an original of Taylor in which they have discovered that placing it behind the saddle make its amplified sound sounds natural.

The biggest factor of all…PRICE

I will be honest, the price can be intimidating for some that’s why if you decide to purchase a guitar at this price range or higher, make sure that you’re gonna use it for good. Don’t waste any penny by leaving it in your room only.

Taylor guitars are expensive, not because of branding, but because what they make is in superb quality. They are not OVERPRICED. They are making sure that everything is done excellently (built and sound), and they even set it up in their factory. You can be assured that they are consistent in making superb quality guitars.

I tell you that the Taylor 314ce, at this price point, is one of the lowest price solid wood guitar. There are tons of Taylor guitars out there that is priced at ten thousand bucks and higher so this is quite low price for Taylor. At under two thousand bucks, you can get a superb quality guitar that is a good deal for us, users.

Should you buy this?

Personally, if you can afford to save more, I recommend the higher series. Either the 700, 800 or 900 series. By adding around $1000 to $2000 you can get the best guitars of Taylor. After all, you have decided to do an upgrade, why not push it at the top? BUT!!! But it doesn’t mean that the Taylor 314ce is not a great guitar.

Let me put it this way, The Taylor 314ce is for people who wants an upgrade but with tight budget. They can experience the greatness of Taylor at this price point. It’s a great guitar that can satisfy all your needs in acoustic guitar.

This is the Taylor 314 Grand Auditorium Acoustic Guitar in Natural Finish

Taylor 314 (no cutaway and no electronics)

OHH! It also comes with a hard case. Good for protection so you might also consider that when choosing guitars at this price range. All Taylor guitars, I believe has a Hard case included, except for the low value ones.


If you are not tight in budget: Go for the 700, 800 or 900 series

If you want an upgrade but tight in budget: Go for 300 series

But if you just want to test the Taylor Brand first before putting your both feet in the water: Go for the 100 series. You can check my Taylor 114E review here if you are interested.


The Taylor 314ce surely lives up to the hype. It’s a well built guitar and has a balanced tone. Everything you will see and hear will be in high quality and you will never regret having this guitar.

Have you decided to purchase this one? Please let me know and leave a comment on how good is this guitar for you.

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The Taylor 314ce Review - This guitar is superb!

The 300 series and above of Taylor are all great guitars. The Taylor 314CE is one of the best guitar they have made. Check this review for more details

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  1. Seyi

    Hello, I would like to say this is a very insightful review on the Taylor 314ce. Presently I have a guitar that I use for rehearsals and all but I’m looking to get another one that I can play during outings and all and this review about the Taylor 314ce guitar just made me fall in love with it especially the way the neck was designed. Will safe up for it.

  2. Brent

    I enjoyed reading the review of this great Taylor 314ce guitar. It is really superb watching Tauloplayetbe guitar in the video. I am lover of music and instrumentalist. I am a beginner in playing guitar but I really like this guitar, with great sound coming from it while he was playing. I may get it and probably start playing when am done with training. It’s really a great guitar.

  3. osinachi1

    Kudos to the author of this article, truthfully the taylor 314ce is not for beginners because from the body, neck it is beautifully constructed and i must commend taylor for this wonderful guitar and i will also recommend it to all guitarist out there and the price is ok too.


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