The Yamaha FG830 Review – A Great Alternative for Expensive Guitars

One of the oldest and most popular guitar lines is the Yamaha FG Series. Through the years of innovation, the FG Series has been improved and developed to produce the best sound at low price.

In this article, we will take a look at Yamaha FG830 if it is worthy to be in your arsenal.


My Rating: 4.4 out of 5
Place to Buy: Amazon


– Good Sustains
– Scalloped Bracing means Amazing Low end Response
– Affordable but doesn’t sound CHEAP
– Available for left hand guitarist


– Nut, Saddle and Pins are not good quality
– No Pre-amp
– No cut away

Yamaha FG830 as an alternative for Expensive Guitars

High-end guitars are 10x the price of Yamaha FG830 but its sound is not really that far. It produces rich overtones and good sustains which is a win.

It has solid spruce top which is a very common tonewoods for amazing guitars and it will even sound better as it age. The guitar has scalloped bracing which is an improvement from Yamaha FG730. The bracing has an amazing low end response and improved projection compared to its predecessor. Yamaha FG730 is a good guitar and by using this bracing, the Yamaha FG830 has been elevated to a whole new level.

It is very affordable at the price of almost 300$ while the sounds, in my opinion, sounds at least those in the level of 600$ above.

Yamaha vs other guitar makers

This guitar is often compared to Fender CD-60SCE and Epiphone AJ-220SCE. You might want to check out the reviews I made in this website if you are not yet fully convinced. Epiphone and Fender guitars are also excellent in making starter guitars. I can’t tell you what is the best of these three because they have their own beauty. It depends to your purpose on how you’ll use this guitar.

If you’re confused on how to choose an acoustic guitar, here is a guide on how to buy an acoustic guitar

  1. Yamaha FG830 – best sound in all three but lacks electronics.
  2. Epiphone AJ-220SCE – not too far compared to Yamaha and has better built plus electronics but pricier in all three.
  3. Fender CD-60SCE – the least in all three but not too much difference. Cheapest in all three.
This is the Yamaha FG830 Tobacco Sunburst Finish with Tuner, Gig bag and guitar stand

Yamaha FG830 Tobacco Sunburst

There is also the Yamaha FG800 wherein the only difference is the back and side used are Nato or also called Eastern Mahogany, while the FG830 is Rosewood which is, of course, the better wood is Rosewood. But if you are tight in budget, you can enjoy the Yamaha FG800.

Designed with Beginners in Mind

Yamaha FG830 is an entry level guitar which is a really good starting guitar as it is easy to play, with a really good action. It has a slim neck and rounded edges of the fingerboard which will be a great help for the beginners as it will lessen the stress in their playing. Good action and slim neck will require less force in your fingers which means that you will have more time playing before your fingers gets tired.

You might be thinking of getting this guitar but bear in mind that it has a dreadnought body and it can be overwhelming to you especially if you are a small guy or if you are trying to give this to a kid so please bear that in mind. But to most people out there, I can say that the Dreadnought body is not really overwhelming and it will sound amazing and full compared to other sizes.

If you are a lefty guy, there is also a left hand version of this guitar, however it might be always out of stock because, not only this is one of the best selling guitar out there, the left hand models is also in demand. It’s an amazing guitar but needs to be set-up

Needs few minor adjustment

If you are an experienced player, I know that from time to time, you go to a professional and let them set-up your guitar. Because this guitar is always in-demand, it is being mass produced and it might be not set up that good out of the box.

You might consider taking this guitar after you bought it and let them fix the action, the truss rod and any other thing. This guitar might not be properly set up because it is mass produced, meaning it is set up by a machine and there’s is always some error for things that is being mass produced.

Worry not, mass production doesn’t mean that this is just made without excellence. Yamaha is not a company who just make things for money, being one of the maker of guitar out there, they know what is good and what is not for your guitar. This guitar already sounds good out of the box but for getting the highest potential of this guitar, I recommend on bringing this first to professional.

It’s up to you, a lot of people are already satisfied when they used it out of the box. Always try it first and play with it for a little while. One thing I’m sure, you’ll love it just like any other people.

Of course… it is not Perfect

Since this is an entry-level guitar, there are some things that needed to be sacrificed in order to achieve this budget-friendly value. The nut, saddle and pins, are not high quality. It can affect your tones but if you are a beginner, this doesn’t really matter as your focus is to improve your playing. But for those who do recording, it is one thing. High quality pins, nut and saddle can improve the SUSTAINS.

There is also no cut-away model for this guitar and no preamp included. You can’t use it right away on a stage or in gigs so that might be something you need to know before buying this. But if you’re not going to be on stage or gigs, it is a good choice.

You can use this guitar for practice or if inspiration hits you, it will give you a good accompaniment when composing. Even if you are just fooling around with your friends, this guitar will serve its purpose and really lets the music comes out of you.

Should you buy it?

Yes. If you are looking for a starting guitar, I highly recommend this. If you are not going to play on-stage and will just use this for practice, then it is the guitar for you. However, if you are going to play on-stage, then this guitar is not for you because it has no electronics included.

I will suggest that you try the Epiphone AJ-220SCE or Fender CD-60SCE if you want to plug it in an amplifier of PA system. Just like what I said above, these three guitars are often compared to each other. You shouldn’t worry about quality because these three guitar makers are well known for producing high quality guitars at low price.


Yamaha FG830 is a great guitar at a very low price without compromising good quality sound. It is a good alternative for expensive guitars.

Because of decades of manufacturing, Yamaha has elevated an entry level guitar to higher level and musicians greatly benefit from this improvement. You will never regret buying this guitar and putting it in one of your arsenal.

Let me know what you think about this guitar too. Leave a comment and let’s talk about this guitar and what you love about this.

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The Yamaha FG830 Review - A Great Alternative for Expensive Guitars

One of the oldest and most popular guitar lines is the Yamaha FG Series. Through the years of innovation, the FG Series has been improved and developed to

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7 comments on “The Yamaha FG830 Review – A Great Alternative for Expensive Guitars

  1. Chidiking88

    There is a lot to love about the Yamaha FG830 acoustic guitar not only for its traditional design but the pro features. It’s one of the newest instalment of the original Yamaha FG series, known for their quality and comfortable guitar bodies at a great value. With its premium materials and construction, it’s a guitar both budding guitarists and pros will enjoy.

  2. Alexia J.A.B

    I used to play acoustic guitar and I was thinking of learning again, I was looking for really nice guitars online but most were very expensive, I’m glad to see this nice alternative option on your website. I enjoyed reading this review as well, and the review was very clear in the pros and cons of the guitar. 

    1. Vincent Post author

      I highly recommend this guitar for starters. This will really help you be better as this was designed with beginners in mind. Thank you


    For decades now Yamaha has been an outstanding manufacturer when it comes to quality guitar. There was a time I got there keyboard and honestly the Yamaha product lasted longer beyond the other products I bought alongside from the description you have about this Yamaha FG830  it will be nice for a beginner to learn with for a start. I am going to give it a try so therefore I have bookmark this page.

    1. Vincent Post author

      Thank you. This is really a nice guitar for starters. Hopefully you continue playing guitar.

  4. Jeff McClain

    I’m not jumping on the internet band wagon with this Yamaha FG830 guitar!!! After purchasing and careful review the short comings as noted above with the nut, pins and saddle are an easy fix. A reputation of starter guitar is getting old, its obvious to me that Yamaha is being nice to other guitar makers by keeping it in that Lane. A few tweaks at their factory along with their quality control from what I can see other well known guitar makers would be shaking in their boots!!!! Thanks, Yamaha for giving the working class a fantastic dreadnought. Absolutely beautiful Guitar for the money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Vincent Post author

      I agree with you Jeff. Just a few set up and this guitar will be a killer. Sadly, this doesn’t come with electronics which is I always need but still this is amazing


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